How To Become A Sponsor

It is a simple process

 For $1.25 per day, you can feed, clothe and provide an education for a child. You can have daily contact if you wish and get a full quarterly report of their progress. 

Simply email us using our email form and tell us of the child you would like to give assistance to. 

You will be provided with all the information needed to converse with the child and receive regular updates on their progress.

Sponsored children are a blessed few. We pray to have as many children sponsored as their are children in need.

Be blessed


Sponsor a child

Jerome Gerald


This is Jerome Gerald. He is 10 years old and attends STD 6 school. Jerome would like to become a pilot.

Greynus Gerald


This is Greynus Gerald. He is 8 yeas old and in STD 2 school. Greynus would like to become a doctor one day.

Eliuce Eustace


 This is Eliuce is 10 years old and in STD 5 school. His dream is to one day become a professor.

Doreen Lameck


 Doreen in 3 years old and not yet in school. She doesn't know what she would like to be later in life.

Naomi Gerald


 This is Naomi. She is in STD 1 school and is age 6. She dreams to be a nurse one day.

Rosalia Eustace


 Rosalia is 7 years old and in STD 2 school. She would like to be a doctor.