The Story Of BCF

The Founders


 Established after years of personal commitment and service. Bukoba Children Foundation is an independent charity dedicated to helping the children of Bukoba, Tanzania Africa. Founded by Keith and Stella Woodman as a personal mission to service the small community where Stella grew up. Stella and Keith have been committed to this cause on a personal level for years, graduating to the level of a federally recognized nonprofit organization is the realization of a dream for the couple. "We have grown in funding as we strive to meet the needs of the community. BCF gives us the ability to reach the next level of meaningful assistance to these impoverished children".

Having the personal connection that the founders have assures that every dollar is spent on the children, not administrative overhead.

Our Mission


The mission of Bukoba Children Foundation (BCF) is to provide health resources, clean water and a nutritional sustained diet to the children of the village of Kajumilo.  

Poverty in this area is extreme and the effects of malaria and other disease is a constant threat. We have currently reached a level of sustained nutrition for a small segment of these children and are able to provide health services to these children as well. Our goal for 2018 is to have a well dug to pure water. Currently villagers travel to a local stream to collect water. Children bear this burden as the adults tend to heavier tasks for basic survival.

We pray for the gifts of generous contributors to reach our 2018 mission goal of $15,000.00 USD for this well to be dug as our current gifts continue to sustain the food and health services.

Our Goal


 Currently, village children pack pales of water from a local stream. This water is seriously diseased and causes terrible illness throughout Kajumilo village.  It is our mission for 2018 to have a well dug that reaches down to fresh water. This will allow for the village and other surrounding villages to access a safe water supply. We hope to achieve our goal of $15,000.00 to begin this truly life saving project.

In the above image you can see the discolored water. This is currently the only source of water.