Bukoba at a glance

Bukoba is a city located on the western shore of Lake Victoria in Northwest Tanzania and is  the capital of Kagera Region.

Malnutrition and Basic Health

The majority of children in this region suffer from acute malnutrition where many families live in extreme poverty and cannot afford nutritious food education and basic health services.

The villages surrounding Bukoba suffer at an even higher rate than within Bukoba itself. This is where our organization is focused.

Malaria and HIV

A constant threat these children face is malaria, and in the absence of basic health services, the impact of malaria is devastating. Additionally, this region, Bukoba in particular, has an extremely high rate of HIV infected adults. The adults who go on to develop AIDS leave behind children who were already at a disadvantage. The obvious need for assistance in Bukoba is evident in its statistics.  What is less evident and underreported is the hope and spirit of the youth. The youth of this region are to be commended for their ability to smile through it all.

The youth of Bukoba are its future. It is our goal to support them in their journey to a stable and more prosperous foundation on which to build upon

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In 2017 Bukoba Children Foundation (BCF) funded the needs of many children of Kajumilo village and brought basic education to children as well as health and sustainability options to the adults.