Financials 2018


Coming June 2019

Federal reporting for the fiscal year 2018 is due May 15, 2019. BCF financials will be posted after all accounting has been properly documented.


2017 Financials

2017 Financials

In 2017 we received nearly $90,000.00 in cash donations and hundreds of pounds of clothing.  The clothing was taken in it's entirety to the children of Kajumilo village. Photos of the initial distribution can be seen in the "Images" section of this site. Clothing was distributed to the children during the foundations visit in August 2017.

Cash donations were distributed across the span of the calendar year 2017 and were broken down into four primary categories.

* Food

* Health Care

* Education

* Housing

The chart shows a graphical representation of the percentage of distribution.

A Note From BCF

We thank each and everyone for their heartfelt donations.